Enter an Event

When you find an event you would like to enter click the Enter show button on the event details page.

You will be taken to a custom entry form for that event. The form will differ slightly depending on the event. Complete one form per dog and add it to your cart.

The form consists of four sections; Owner information, Dog information, Event information and the organization agreement. All fields with a red asterisk are required.

The event section is broken down by day. The left column is trial 1 and the right column is trial 2 for that day.

Simply find what you would like to enter and select the level in the drop down.

When the form is complete add it to your cart. Continue shopping and enter another form for a second dog or click check out. Depending on the club you can pay via paypal or a credit card or send in a check.

Contact the trial secretary if you have any questions.


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